Naturally, we offer support to our customers in case of problems with the backup software. Please note that for any additional support on your computer other than for the backup software we will charge a flatrate of € 20 per hour.

If you encounter problems with the backup software, please proceed as follows:

1. Please check if your information is up to date (e.g. passwords, etc.) and your computer's internet connection is working.

2. Please read our latest news on the Backup Service, maybe you will already find a solution to your problem there.

3. Please send an email to with information on:

- Network node name or name of your computer

- Availability: When and where we can contact you (in the morning/afternoon, time, telephone number...)?

- Your operating system incl. patchlevel (e.g. Windows XP, SP 2) as well as the version of your backup software

- Brief description of your problem