Research Data Management

What we have to offer and how we can help you.

Services and advice

The University of Konstanz offers various tools and advisory services concerned with individual aspects of Research Data Management. They are listed below, based on the (typical) cycle of a research project. If you are missing information or a particular service or if you have any questions about Research Data Management, please email us on

Application and funding

The University of Konstanz’s Research Support team provides support and detailed information about project applications and funding.

High-performance computing

At the University of Konstanz, we centrally reserve capacity for scientific computing. Within the framework of the bwHPC service, University of Konstanz members also have access to various high-performance computing options.


In addition to our own tools, we can offer you a variety of tools in cooperation with network partners to support the research process. We provide means of storing various quantities of data, with different requirements, as well as tools for project, data and version management.

Open Access publishing

To publish your research data, please use a suitable subject-specific archive or repository. We recommend that you use the registry portal re3data to find a suitable repository. If your department does not have a suitable repository, you can also use Zenodo, the general purpose repository of the OpenAIRE EU project.

Further information around the topic of Open Access publishing is available at Publishing and Open Access as well as on the information portal