What does the EDC offer?

The European Documentation Centre (EDC) supports researchers, teachers and all members of the public in accessing publications by the European Union (EU).

The University of Konstanz’s EDC holds:

  • official documents of the EU
  • EU publications on various topics
  • scientific literature about the EU
  • work spaces
  • advice and support
  • recommend speakers on topics relating to the EU (Team Europe)
  • current printed journals, reports, and brochures in the library’s information centre (currently in preparation)

Searching the on-campus collection

You can search the EDC for content as per usual.

Look for the following shelfmarks of the on-campus collection: edz, or subject collections such as gtb, gsx (history), juc (law), pol (politics), and wr (economics).

A list of EU-related databases is available in the Datenbank-Infosystem (DBIS) (database information system).

Search directly from the EU

The EU offers various catalogues and databases with comprehensive research options. There, you will find many full-text versions of items that are available for free download.

First points of contact for researchers:

Examples of subject-specific EU databases include:

Most EU publications are electronically accessible. In case you are missing specific publications, you make contact the EU-Bookshop directly.

Other sources of information

You can also use online and local services from other institutions, for instance