Information on EZB

The Electronic Journals Library (EZB) contains full text scientific electronic journals.

Access via:

  • list according to subject area
  • search for journal title
Coloursidentify the availability
greenavailable online for all
yellowavailable within the University of Konstanz network (external access via VPN)
yellow/redlicensed material only available for specific time periods
rednot licensed for the University of Konstanz

Tip: Please be aware that you might have to turn off a pre-activated proxy server in order to gain access to the full texts.

Journals that require a password:

Bank und Markt

Once you open the window, please enter:

User name: 00002286

Password: 78408

DAI Factbook

User name: pdfabonnent

Password: fctbkpd1207

Deutschland Bundesgesetzblatt

You can gain access to part I and II as well the the current volumes of the corresponding directory (A+B) with the possibility of extracting data and graphics by using the following user name and password.


Password: db85369d