Seek and you shall find! The ELN Finder.

Facilitated search of electronic lab notebooks.

How to find a suitable ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) for your scientific work, without additional costs?

The landscape of electronic lab notebooks is multi-faceted, but can sometimes stretch into complexity. The ELN Finder was developed as a service to provide researchers and research data managers a helpful tool to simplify the selection of suitable ELNs. The application is operated by the ZB MED in cooperation with the TU Darmstadt.

The ELN Finder is a permanently maintained platform that offers a targeted search for specific criteria through more than 40 metadata fields. In addition to the basic data, the results overview also lists brief descriptions of the individual tools. Beyond the search, the application also offers the possibility of registering oneself, creating one's own ELN entry, and networking and exchanging information with other users.

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