Please update WLAN configuration!

The certificate for the WLAN configuration "eduroam" expires after 10 years. Therefore, the certificate or profile must be updated.

By updating the authentication procedure in the university WLAN (eduroam), the WLAN configuration on your device must be changed if you are using the university WLAN (eduroam)! To do this, please install the updated configuration profile for your device - it contains the new certificate information required for authentication:

Here you will find the configuration profiles:






Please note:

  •     If you have configured your device for eduroam access as of 10.10.2018, you do not need to do anything!
  •     It is essential that you enter "" as the user name, otherwise you will be denied access.
  •     Currently the certificate installed with the old configuration profile is still valid until 27.01.2019, from 28.01.2019 only the new certificate will work.
  •     Furthermore, from 28.01.2019 access without "" after the user name will no longer be possible.