Configure your 'eduroam'-WiFi-access with the CAT-Tool of the German Research Network (DFN):


The CAT-Tool is a shellscript you have to make executable before starting it.:

1. Start it with your Filemanager:

Navigate to the downloaded script ( do a right-click to show its properties. The most filemanagers will offer you a submenue that allows you to change its permissions. Go there and check the apropriate checkbox for switching it to 'make executable'.

Then do a double-click on the file in your filemanager to start the script. Enter your full email-adress ( and your password.

2. Alternative: Start it in the Terminal:

If the shellscript is downloaded in your 'Downloads'-folder in your home directory, you can set it executable by typing in the terminal:

chmod +x /home/<your username>/Downloads/
Then type (with your standard user!):

/home/<your username/Downloads/
Confirm the requests and enter your full email-adress ( and your password.

Additional Information

If you have problems with the configuration oder if you need additional information for network-access, please contact our support:

Contact Support: