Using eduroam on your Android device

Why should i use the eduroam-App?

The App simplifys the configuration of eduroam on your device and protects you from "man-in-the-middle"-attacs: It blocks connections to fraudulent access-points that just claim to be the eduroam of the University of Konstanz with the intent to steal your data.

To use the app, please be shure to have configured the Android-device-lock (e.g. PIN-Code, gesture, fingerprint) first. You will also need an Android-Version 4.3 or newer.

Downloading the App

You can download the app with this link:

Alternatively, serach in the Google Play store for "eduroam CAT" or use the QR-Code beneath.

Downloading the eduroam-Profile

The app needs the eduroam-profile of the University Konstanz to configure the connection. To download the profile, please open the following link with your Android-device or use the QR-code:

On the website, "Redirect to DFN eduroam CAT in Germany" should be preselected, so click on "Weiter zur lokalen Unterstützungsseite".

On the following page, please select as 'Heimatorganisation' "Universität Konstanz" (in the upper part of the widely unsorted list) and your Android-version in the tab with the selectable operating systems. Then click the big download-area at the end of the page ("Haben Sie bei dieser Organisation ein Benutzerkonto? Dann...") to download the profile.

A new page will appear that reminds you to download the app. You have already done so before, so click on "Herunterladen des Installers für (your operating system)".

Your browser will offer you now some apps to proeed with the downloaded profile. Please select "Konfigurationsdatei" (with the eduroam-icon).

Entering your credentials

The eduroam-app will ask you now for your login credentials. Please enter your university email address  ( and your account password.

After entering the data, your device will be able to connect to eduroam and you will have full wifi-based internet access.

Additional information

We will be happy to help if you experience any problems during installation or need more information about our WLAN/Wi-Fi. Our Support team will be happy to assist you with any other questions you may have.

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