Using eduroam on your Android device

1. Make sure that you have a working internet access for the installation - independent from the university!

You can use your mobile network connection or your private WiFi in your apartment. You need this connection to download the eduroam profile during the installation process.

2. Install the eduroam-App

Alternatively, search in the Google Play store for "eduroam CAT".

After installing the app, don't start the App!

3. Download the eduroam-Profile

 Please follow the installation process on the webpage and open the downloaded profile in the eduroamCAT app as proposed by your browser.

If error messages occur, please open the WiFi settings of Android and display the available networks there. Press and hold 'eduroam' and select 'ignore this network' from the menu that appears. You should then be able to enter your access data in the eduroam app:

3. Enter your credentials

Please enter your university email address  ( and your account password.

After entering the data, your device will be able to connect to eduroam and you will have full wifi-based internet access.

Additional information

We will be happy to help if you experience any problems during installation or need more information about our WLAN/Wi-Fi. Our Support team will be happy to assist you with any other questions you may have.

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