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WLAN/Wi-Fi access


“eduroam” (education roaming) is a worldwide Wi-Fi service for scientific and educational institutions. You can log in to the “eduroam” network anywhere in the world by using your University of Konstanz access details. Setting up “eduroam” on your devices is easy: simply download one of the configuration profiles (CAT tools) provided by the German National Research and Education Network (DFN). Please note that setting up “eduroam” without using one of these tools represents an enormous security risk for your login information.


You must have a valid account at the University of Konstanz. Your computer must be secure. This means that we expect you to have all current updates and patches installed as well as updated anti-virus software. If you are a university member and do not have appropriate anti-virus software, you can obtain a free version of Sophos Antivirus for your operating system:

Network Utilisation Regulations (NUR)

Please read the Network Utilisation Regulations carefully: By using our services, you agree to the terms of use set out in the Network Utilisation Regulations (NUR) of the University of Konstanz.

CAT tools

Configuring “eduroam” is safe if you use the scripts we provide. During dial-up, the following security parameters are validated: 1. Has the certificate issued by the authentication server been signed by the certificate authority of the Deutsche Telekom? 2. Is the authentication server called “”? Failing to validate and confirm these parameters bears the risk of having your identity (university email account) “stolen” and your data being made available to third parties. Here are our installation packages for the most common operating systems:

Additional information

We will be happy to help if you experience any problems during installation or need more information about our WLAN/Wi-Fi.

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