All university members have internet access via our W-LAN/Wi-Fi (SSID 'eduroam'). It is, however, not a viable alternative to the internet connection provided in your office via network cable - this connection is less complicated, faster and more reliable.

Wireless internet access can be used with all common operating systems. No additional software is required. Simply login using your university (email) account and password.

We provide access to the eduroam network in many parts of the university. These areas primarily include:

  • Public areas of the university (entrances/foyer),
  • the library,
  • lecture halls and
  • seminar rooms.

Network reception is available in the entire library and parts of buildings A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, P, R, Y, Z as well as the sports hall and water sports facilities. A campus map shows which areas have wireless internet reception. If you see a need for stronger wireless internet reception in a particular area of the university campus, then please write us a quick email: support(at)

The IT Service Centre can set up temporary IT infrastructure (data or wireless network, etc.) for participants in conferences and similar events at a small cost. Under special circumstances, it can even be made available in areas of the campus that do not usually have network accessibility, as long as it is physically possible to do so. If you are interested in this kind of service, please contact our Support team.

For university events which take place off campus, the IT Service Centre can provide eduroamToGo internet access. Any location that has an internet connection can be set up with eduroam access. Read more information about eduroamToGo. For questions please contact our Support team.


The following two conditions must be fulfilled:

  • You must have a valid account at the University of Konstanz and know your password.
  • Your computer must be secure. This means that we expect you to have all current updates and patches installed as well as updated anti-virus software.


Click on ‘eduroam’ in the menu at the left for detailed instructions that include screen shots for the most common operating systems.

Additional information

We will be happy to help if you experience any problems during installation or need more information about our WLAN/Wi-Fi.

Visit our background information page for an overview of our technical infrastructure and to inform yourself about new developments, the expansion of our wireless network and the effects of exposure to W-LAN/Wi-Fi radiation.

On our Support team's Knowledge Base page you will find solutions to many common problems. Our Support team will be happy to assist you with any other questions you may have.