How to setup VPN Remote-Access for iOS

A VPN connection for iOS on iPhone/iPad can be achieved by using the Cisco AnyConnect Client available in the Appstore.

The requirements are:

  • an iDevice with iOS 3.2 or above
  • a mobile data connection, i.e. WLAN
  • a valid uni-email-account. (usually


  • The setup of a VPN-Connection using the AnyConnect client is very simple.
  • You can access the intranet of Uni Konstanz from anywhere.
  • Even in insecure and public hotspots, an active VPN-Connection can guarantee that your data cannot be read from an unwanted third party.

1. Downloading the AnyConnect App

Download the AnyConnect App by Cisco from the Appstore. You can simply scan the QR-Code provided here and will automatically be redirected to the Appstore.

2. Confirm the warning message

Open the new App and confirm the warning by hitting OK.

3. Enter your credentials

  1. Tip on Connections and on Add VPN-Connection...
  2. Here, you can label the connection (i.e. VPN Uni KN).
  3. enter the following as server address:
  4. Finally, tip on Save.

4. Establishing a VPN connection

  1. In order to establish a VPN connection, tip on the slider AnyConnect-VPN while you are at the startscreen.
  2. Your username is your mail-account (usually: FirstName.LastName)
  3. Your password is the corresponding mail-password.

5. Accept the confirmation banner

  1. After a successful login, a banner appears, welcoming you. Tip on Accept.
  2. The VPN connection is established, now.
  3. In order to close the connection, you simply have to tip on the slider, again.