Learning text processing - Word

How to edit applications efficiently with Word

The text processing software programme Word allows you to manage your documents in various ways. You will learn how to format symbols, paragraphs and pages efficiently , how to paginate, use bullet lists and create tables.
During this course, you will create a template for your application documents.

We use Windows and MS Office 2013. The knowledge you acquire in this course will also be useful to you when working with other operating systems or Office applications, including e.g. Open Office, Libre Office, Mac Office.


  • Formatting symbols and paragraphs
  • Indentations, frames and shadows
  • Bullet lists, numbering, text structure
  • Using tabulators
  • Using Word tables
  • Inserting objects
  • Creating your own letter templates, including address field and reference line
  • Compiling a CV
  • Creating forms
  • Tips and tricks for greater efficiency

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